Here’s the next outfit in my Work From Home Wardrobe Series where I display the cute outfits I’m wearing while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a rainy week here in Durham so I’m pulling from some outfits that I wore last week when it was sunny and warm. This one is a repeat outfit that I’ve worn to my office before. When it’s a good one, there’s no reason not to wear it multiple times, and this one is a very good one!

Nikki by example |

Blouse: LOFT Outlet | Skirt: J. Crew Outlet | Shoes: Rothy’s

In real life, the skirt feels like it might be too short to be appropriate for a business setting but it looks fine in photos, so it might just be my imagination. I also prefer wearing this skirt (and this outfit) with heels or wedges, but there’s just no need for them when I’m at home. Good thing flats look really cute with it, as well.