plum cardigan, ruffle pattern blouse, glitter belt, tan trousers | NCsquared Life
plum cardigan, purple ruffled blouse, glitter belt, tan trousers | NCsquared Life

Cardigan, Blouse Belt, and Trousers: Banana Republic | Bracelet: Old Navy | Shoes: Target

This is another outfit where the majority of the pieces came from one store: Banana Republic. There are two main reasons why I regularly shop there: 1) Nick works there so we get a sweet discount and 2) Most importantly, they carry petite sizes that [almost] always fit me perfectly, meaning I rarely need to get anything hemmed or taken in. When you’re 5’1″ it can be a real chore to find clothes that fit you properly, but Banana Republic really delivers when it comes to us shorties.

plum 5

plum 6

Hey, look, more ruffles! I know I said I’m not usually a fan of ruffles, but again, these are fairly subtle and add a little something extra to the blouse. Also, purple is my favorite color, and I love the rich, fall-ness of this cardigan. I would probably wear it every day if I could. When it gets a little colder out, I’ll probably wear a purple scarf with it, too!

plum 4

plum 3

What’s your favorite color?