Here’s the next outfit in my Work From Home Wardrobe Series where I display the cute outfits I’m wearing while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working from home definitely has its advantages, like not having to style my hair or make up or even get dressed if I don’t want to, but y’all, sometimes I REALLY miss getting dressed for work. Today was one of those days, so I just went for it! I purchased these pants on a whim because they were on sale for $20, so I bought two pairs. The Facebook ad said they could be dressed up or worn casually so I decided to try them. So far, I’m loving them! They’re perfect for the office, as you can see, and even though I haven’t put together a casual outfit with them yet, I can definitely see the potential.

Nikki by example |

Top: Loft Outlet | Pants: Loft | Heels: H&M

It feels weird wearing heels around my house, but it’s also kind of cool. Tomorrow (or even later this evening) I’ll go back to bare feet but for now, I’m feeling like a working professional again!