I believe that to be truly happy in life you can’t take anything for granted. You have to account for every single blessing, no matter how small. That’s one of the reasons I’ve started these projects – so I don’t lose sight of them. Tonight I’m thankful for all of those little blessing and mostly for the good luck I’ve had that has made it all possible.

Nick and I both have really good jobs that we were able to hold on to through these hard times. Having two incomes has made it possible for us to pay for the beautiful and simple wedding of our dreams, buy a first home which is better than I could have imagined, keep food on our table,  add Mia to our family and provide for her and Chico, and we’re able to entertain ourselves with movies, music, shopping, etc. We’re incredibly lucky to have all that we do. So tonight and EVERY night I am incredibly grateful and I try to give back as much as I can.