Here’s the next outfit in my Work From Home Wardrobe Series where I display the cute outfits I’m wearing while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though this is an outfit that I would totally wear to the office, it’s comfortable enough to wear at home, too! The jeans are stretchy, the blouse is very light, and the cardigan is perfect for a blasting air conditioner (both at the office and at home – yes, it gets cold here in the summer when Nick gets his way). Sometimes I like to feel dressed up at home. This was another day where I had several video meetings so I fixed up my hair and make up a little bit. Not a bad look for home!

Nikki b y example | www.nikkibyexample.comBlouse: Loft | Cardigan: Old Navy | Jeans: Wit & Wisdom | Shoes: Old Navy

I took this photo after returning from a walk with the dogs, that’s why I have shoes on. Otherwise, I prefer barefeet or slippers.