I’m not as fashion forward as I’d like to be. I’m lucky that my husband has a great sense of style because without him I’d proabably be pretty clueless. So today I’m thankful that sometimes I can actually put together a cute outfit! Now, I could sit here and lie and tell you that I thought of this one I’m about to show you all on my own, but I’ve already admitted that ‘fashionista’ isn’t an adjective I use to describe myself (although I think I’ve pretty much fooled my coworkers into believing I am) but you probably wouldn’t believe me. The truth is that I had a little help by way of a photo I found on Pinterest that served as inspiration. BUT, I put together what I think is a pretty cute outfit.

I know, I’m a button (as in “cute as a button”). Unfortunately, this was not a good hair day. So about the outfit: The undershirt is a white, sheer, sleeveless feminine top from Target. It has the really nice ‘dots’ pattern on it and the ruffle-y tuxedo-ish look going on in the front. It also has gold and pearly buttons. The purple cardigan is from Banana Republic, as is the gold, shimmery belt. Dark denim from Old Navy, brown patent pumps from Target and throw in a long pearl necklace and you’ve got a stylish, cute little outfit. Can you tell which photo I was inspired by from the linked photo above?

Anyways, this is probably my new fave outfit until I come up with something even cuter. Until then, enjoy!