Good morning, dear readers. I wanted to take a few minutes to apologize for my absence this week but I came down with a touch of food poisoning over the weekend and I didn’t get a chance to take or post any outfit photos. Once I was feeling better,catching up on school work took precedent. But my friend and I did get some funny pics from last week that I’ll leave right here to give you a nice chuckle.

It was extremely cold out (by NC standards, at least) and we experienced some freezing rain. It seems I didn’t pack very appropriate footwear for my week at school and after walking around campus, my feet were FREEZING. Like, I couldn’t feel several of my toes.  The only solutiion I had was to wear my gloves as socks, and you know what? It worked! Remember that if you’re ever in a similar bind. You’re welcome.
Silly Glove-Socks | NCsquared Life

I call this one “monkey toes” because that’s what it looked like!

Silly Glove-Socks | NCsquared Life

I hope to be back to a normal schedule next week. I hope everyone has a great day and stays warm in whatever way you can 😉