You guys, I had my eye on this jacket for a while but it was a little more than I was willing to pay, but I recently found it on sale so I did what any girl would do: I snatched it up! I’m still learning how to choose outerwear for my outfits. I started out with a denim jacket but I don’t like wearing it with jeans, and then I finally got a trench coat but I can’t figure out when it’s appropriate to wear (only when it’s raining? can you wear them with jeans? it can’t be too cold out because it doesn’t keep me warm, etc.) but I was convinced that I needed this jacket and now I have it and I’m wearing it with everything! I don’t even care! Also, let’s talk about this sweater. I got it on sale at Target recently and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a cropped sweater for an average-size person but I’m so short that I feel like it hits at this awkward point around my belly button. I really like it though, so I’ll make it work.





Here’s the blooper: I have no idea…


Jacket: Banana Republic | Sweater: Target | Jeans: kensie via Stitch Fix | Boots: Mix No. 6 via DSW | Jewelry: gift from mother-in-law

Also, did you catch the reference of my title?

light jacket congeniatlity

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