Welcome to the next outfit in my Work From Home Wardrobe Series where I display the cute outfits I’m wearing while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Today’s outfit is more comfort than style and is brought to you by the need for more coffee! I didn’t sleep well last night, and this morning Nick tried to be very sweet by setting the delay brew on the coffee pot last night so it would be ready for us first thing but forgot that the timer wasn’t set so it actually brewed my coffee at midnight instead of 6 am! By the time we got up, the coffee was cold and old. I tried reheating it in the microwave but I LOATHE reheated coffee (because it always tastes burnt to me) so I just couldn’t do it. I had to make a fresh pot.

Nikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.com

Sweater cardigan: Banana Republic | T-shirt: Caslon via Nordstrom | Leggings: via Le Tote 

Anyway, now that I’m fully caffeinated and, even though my hair is in  ponytail and I’m not wearing any makeup, I’m still feeling productive today. I’m knocking out several newsletters for my department and a progress report for my program. And then I’ll clean this mirror. Go me!

Also, I wanted to make sure you saw the leather pockets on this sweater cardigan. How cool! I feel so edgy when I wear it because of them, ha.

Stay safe and healthy, y’all!