Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I’d like to take some time ahead of the holiday to reflect on the things in my life for which I am the most thankful. Thankful Thursday is a weekly series for the month of November.

Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend and, even though the days are already starting to get shorter, for the next month and a half we’re going to lose even more daylight, at least until the Winter Solstice. That’s why this week I’m thankful for – and looking forward to – those sunny winter days.

Sunny Winter Day | NCsquared Life

The worst thing about the fall and winter seasons is waking up when it’s dark out and leaving work when it’s dark out. If you don’t sit next to a window, don’t have the opportunity to go outside during the day, or if the sun is captured behind clouds and gray, life can start to feel pretty dreary. For this reason, many people get the “winter blues” during the seasonal shift, making the blissfully sunny days in the middle of the season a precious gift. However, when you do venture out in the crisp air or snow on a sunny winter day, you get to bundle up in cute hats and scarves and coats. You can drink hot cocoa in your mittens while searching for the perfect frasier fir tree to decorate your home. And then there are the days when the bright, winter sun glitters in the snow and everything is quiet and calm. These are the days I look forward to all summer long.

And all of it is made even better by the bright sunshine cutting through the chill in the air.

Sunny Winter Day | NCsquared Life

I’m thankful for sunny winter days that bring light and beauty to the world when it otherwise feels bleak and gloomy.

What are you thankful for today?