Happy Sunday!

This week’s serenade is You & Me by Diamond Rings.

“So come on, hold me tighter,
Let’s shine brighter,
Let’s be you and me”

Love it.

This Week’s Top 5

1. Holiday parties. I’m hoping to get some outfit ideas up this week for all of the upcoming holiday parties. I’ve already had one party and I”m not sure how many more I will have this year, but the one I did attend was for my program at school and was a lot of fun. My new friends are all pretty awesome.

2. Quiet study areas in the library. It’s where I do the majority of my studying and, believe me, I’ve utilized it a lot this week.

3. Sleeping in. After several late nights in the library studying for final exams, it was the best feeling to sleep in the morning after a big exam. Only one more left and the semester is over!

4. Dinner with friends. Especially those you haven’t seen in a while, like, at least a month! Catching up is the best.

5. Getting to know new people. I’ve done a lot of that over the last few months and it’s incredibly satisfying. New people, new friends, new experiences… that’s the life!


Photo of the Week:

photo (49)

Just one of the many purple and gold Christmas trees around campus to celebrate the holiday season. This one is in the library. Go Pirates!