NCsquared Life

It’s a rainy Monday in my neck of the woods and I’m studying for my last final tomorrow so I won’t be leaving the house all day. What that really means is that I won’t be changing out of my pajamas so I won’t have a nice outfit to share with you today. Instead, I’ll leave you with the outfit I wore for family photos last month. For the last few years, we’ve had beautiful family photos taken by our favorite photographers – who also photographed our wedding and are available if you’re in the market – to put on our holiday cards. They offer an event where you have 10 minutes to take all the photos you can get for a very reasonable and inexpensive price. The photos always turn out gorgeously, as you can see, because Thad and Sarah are artistic geniouses!

coordinated outfits for portraits in pink/navy/brown | NCsquared Life

As we do for every event in life, Nick and I coordinated our outfits with a pink/navy/brown color scheme. I’m wearing a pink sweater with denim (for my navy) and he’s wearing a pink button-front under a  navy pull-over sweater. Unfortunately, Nick wouldn’t let me dress up the dogs, even though Mia has the cutest little seersucker dress in pink!

coordinated outfits for portraits in pink/navy/brown | NCsquared Life

These photos could also serve as engagement photos if we weren’t already married so I hope it gives you some good ideas for your own photos!