Wow, another week has flown by and we have a cool announcement:

Nick and I were invited to participate in a segment on HuffPost Live, the online streaming news network at the Huffington Post, about the rise in men wearing engagement rings. In 2011, I commented on a post about “man-gagement” rings, stating that Nick wore an engagement ring just like I did and a producer contacted us to talk about it on the live show. Unfortunately, I’ll be in class and won’t be able to participate but Nick will be speaking to them. Make sure to tune in this Monday, (3/3) @1:20PM/EST to see Nick talk about his decision to  wear a ring during our engagement.

Back to our regularly scheduled program:  Today’s serenade is ‘World, Hold On’ by Bob Sinclaire featuring Steve Edwards. It has a nice beat, rhythm, and a good message. Open up your heart, what you feel is real.

This Week’s Top 5 Awesome Things

1.  Teachers Who Care. There’s nothing is better than having a teacher who really cares about your future and will help you succeed in any way they can.

2.  Fun Conversations. Hanging back after class with friends because you’re having such good conversation is a true gift.

3.  Finding the Perfect Accessory. Have you ever been on the hunt for an accessory, and you know exactly what you’re looking for, but it takes a while to find it? But then when you finally do, it’s awesome. This means you’ll be seeing my new clutch on here soon.

4.  Perfecting your Café Con Leche. Well, it might not be exactly perfect by Spain’s standards but it’s perfect for me and I look forward to it every morning!

5.  Baby Showers. My friend is having twins and I’m so excited for her. We went to her baby shower and had a blast.

My Week According to My Instagram

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Have a great week, everyone!