maroon sheer blouse, black shirt, leopard flats | NCsquared Life

Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Loft | Belt: Target | Shoes: Payless (old) | Necklace and Earrings: Target

This is the outfit I wore to a Women’s Leadership Luncheon the other day. If it weren’t unseasonably warm here, I would have paired it with a leopard scarf and maybe a black blazer. As for the luncheon, truth be told, I wasn’t impressed with the speaker, as I felt her talk was the exact opposite of leadership but that’s a post for another time. The lunch was pretty tasty, though: tuna salad and a baked potato bar. Plus, it was free so I won’t complain!


Can we just take a moment to talk about this skirt? I am LOVING it. It’s so comfortable and my favorite thing about it is you can dress it up or down. I feel like I can wear it to a luncheon but also pair it with a cute tee and wear it to class. And it has pockets. I love pretty much anything with pockets.

WL pensive


If you look closely, you can almost make out the snake skin pattern on the belt, which adds an interesting texture to the overall outfit.

WL close up

What would you wear to a leadership luncheon?

And what is your most versatile piece of clothing?