An earworm is a snippet of a song that gets stuck in your head and repeats over and over.  Over 90 percent of people suffer from this debilitating condition at least once a week.  Studies have shown that one possible cause is our mind’s being in a “low attention state”, which explains why I always get an earworm when I’m walking Mia in the morning.  I’ll be sharing these Morning Earworms with you every morning (that I remember to) because misery loves company.  Enjoy!

Katy B is a British singer/songwriter who got her start as a featured singer on numerous dubstep, UK garage and house style songs.  I found her a couple years ago singing on Magnetic Man’s “Perfect Stranger” and shortly thereafter became hooked on her first single “Katy on a Mission”.  I added her to a couple of my Pandora stations where songs from her first album On a Mission are frequently played.  I’ve always dug electronic/techno music with female lead vocals and Katy B has become one of my favorites for more bass heavy dance tunes.