After being MIA for a few weeks, it’s time for another round of Friday Four, a fun survey I’m doing so that my readers can get to know me a little better. This week I’m talking about four things I don’t eat. This was a really difficult question because I love food and I love eating so I had to really think about things I don’t eat. I wish I could say that I don’t eat fast food or processed junk or sodas, but I am only human and I make a lot of bad food choices. I do try to eat lots of veggies, lean meat (although I do love some red meat) and I do *try* to cut out the junk as much as possible. That being said, here are the four things you’ll never (or very rarely) find me eating.

1. Miracle Whip. Ew. Just ew. I don’t know what it is about Miracle Whip but I think it’s disgusting so I don’t eat it. I almost feel sorry for Nick, though, because he ate it all the time when we started dating but since we’ve lived together/got married we don’t keep it in the house. There have been a few times that he bought a small bottle to keep for himself but I never eat it. I’m a Duke’s Mayonnaise kind of girl.

2. Cool Whip. I’m noticing a pattern with me and whipped foods. I don’t like cool whip at all because it’s a weird consistency and is way too sweet. I have, on occassion, enjoyed some homemade Chantilley cream on my desserts, because it was thicker and tasted better. There’s something about being homemade that makes everything better.

3. Liver. When I was growing up, occasionally my mom would saute up some livers for dinner because my dad really likes them, particularly liver and onions. It was the grossest thing ever as a kid, and those nights were always PB&J for dinner for my brother and me. I haven’t had the courage to try it again as an adult, so I just don’t eat it. However, I will eat livermush (it’s a western NC thing, apparently) which I think is delicious. I’m a little quicky like that.

4. Swordfish. This is more of something I’ve never eaten, and probably because I’ve always heard about the high mercury content, which is bad for you. I eat all of the other fishes, though, so maybe I just think this is a weird one to eat! I have no desire to try it, and I usually desire to try everything.

I do love going to the local farmers’ market though. It’s one of my favorite weekend activities!Farmers' Market Bounty | NCsquared Life

And I do love taking foodie road trips! Agh, I just love food!