Get ready for some food fun!

Next weekend we’re heading west to the warm little town of Normal, Illinois for Nick’s cousin’s wedding. It may not be the beach, but it’s not a terrible way to spend Memorial Day Weekend. Afterall, I do love a good wedding! But, we’re going on a road trip so you know what that means: we’ve planned our route based on scrummy restaurants along the way, all of which have been featured on one Food Network/Cooking Channel show or another.

Last summer we went to Illinois to visit Nick’s family, including this same cousin getting married, and had grand plans to stop at four different places along the way. However, due to some awful construction detours in Louisville, KY and unexpectedly having to push our trip back a day due to Nick throwing his back out, we actually only made it to one restaurant: Wallace Station in Versailles, KY, the home of the biggest, softest ginger snap cookie I’ve ever eaten (and a yummy “hot brown“). We’re hoping this trip is much more successful.

This adventure includes:


Lunch: Parkette Drive-In in Lexington, KY, as seen on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives. They have crunchy fried chicken, sandwiches, hot dogs, and fish. Interesting combination, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Dinner: Fat Sandwich Company in Champaign, IL, as seen on Outrageous Food,. They have riduculously big, unhealthy but delicious-looking sandwiches that include pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Which totally makes sense, considering Champaign is a college town and college kids apparently love sandwiches with mozzarella sticks already on them.

The wedding is on Sunday 5/26/13 and then we’re heading back home the next day.

5/27/13 – Memorial Day

Lunch: Edward’s Drive-In in Indianapolis, IN as seen on Man vs. Food. They make a huge pork tenderloin burger, but I think I’ll stick to the regular one! They also have some homemade root beer and ice cream = root beer float. Um, yes, please!

Dinner: Nama Sushi Bar in Knoxville, TN. So, technically, this one isn’t on our TV restaurant list, but so many of them were closed on Memorial Day that we had to resort to customer reviews on Yelp to find the highest-rated places. I believe you should always trust the word of the locals and these Knoxville locals have some pretty good things to say.  And I’ll never turn down some sushi!

So there’s our plan to make our 12-hour road trip more exciting. It definitely gives us something look forward to when we’re in the car and have listened to the same songs, either on the radio or iPod, repeatedly for 3 or 4 hours on end.

Oh, maybe I can get one of those “Learning Spanish in the Car” CDs and listen to it while we drive and, by the time we arrive, we’ll be fluent like the guys in the Passat commercial (I LOVE that commercial, by the way)!

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