Where have comfy linen shorts been all my life?!

I remember one summer many moons ago when I hated wearing shorts because I thought my legs didn’t look nice enough for them. I, like most people, had these weird hang ups: my legs aren’t toned enough, my knees are too knobby, etc. etc. Then, when I finally got over all of that–because my legs are actually pretty awesome, just like the rest of me–and I did start to wear shorts again, I still hated how short they all were. The 3″ (or less, it seemed) inseam felt like it was always riding up my crotch. But the longer inseams felt too long. (Also, there was a whole summer where I only wore Bermuda shorts, but that’s a story for a different time).

But once I discovered linen shorts, there was no going back. I freakin’ love these things! They’re stylish, they’re comfortable, they can be worn dressed up or down, but mostly THEY’RE COMFORTABLE!

Pay no attention to the cute little dog (aka my shadow) in the background!

Blouse: LOFT | Shorts & Sandals: Old Navy | Denim Jacket: Gap | Jewelry: probably Target | Sunnies: Definitely Target

I picked these up recently and practically live in them. I love the fit, the cute pattern, and they look great on pretty much anyone. That’s not to say that the rest of my cute shorts aren’t in rotation–I actually wore this outfit to take Sebastian to his four-year check up yesterday–but just that I find myself reaching for these first because they’re so great. If you haven’t tried linen shorts yet, please do yourself a favor and go for it! I really don’t think you’ll regret it.