Truth be told, I didn’t really feel like wearing cute clothes at the beginning of the year. It was cold, I had no where to go and no one to show off my cute clothes to, so most days I just threw on regular ol’ jeans and whatever shirt felt comfortable that day.

But then I started working part time for a really cool start up nonprofit in my town that works to reduce trash and single-use plastics in the community AND the weather started to warm up. One particularly sunny, warm day, I found myself in my closet excited about getting dressed. And these white denim jeans just scream “spring” to me!

Jacket: Gap | Blouse & White Denim: LOFT | Sandals: Old Navy

I mostly work from home but I wore this outfit to my new office to focus on a few tasks that needed to be completed. It was just what the fashion doctor ordered because I’ve been more and more excited about putting together cute outfits so I’m hoping you’ll see me around a lot more!