I loved this pattern so much that I got it in a shirt AND a dress! I’m actually seeing this a lot lately, where companies are making different articles of clothing out of the same pattern/fabric, and I like it. You get more options for your lifestyle, or if you’re like me, you just add several different pieces in the pattern. I think it works pretty well. I just have to remember now to wear the both in the same week 😉

Nikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.comBlouse & Jeans : LOFT | Sandals: Old Navy | Necklace: via Stitch Fix

DressNikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.comDress: LOFT | Blazer: Banana Republic | Shoes & Necklace: Old Navy 

I feel like I’ve seen some bloggers who are somehow able to pull off tucking their dresses into pants or other skirts, or  or perhaps tying them up around their waist, to make their dress look like a top, but that’s not something I’ve figure out how to do and I don’t think I like the idea of all that extra fabric. This is the first time I’ve purchased separate pieces in the same pattern and I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it, but, like I said, it’s nice to have some options!

Would you ever buy two different pieces in the same pattern?