Here’s the next outfit in my Work From Home Wardrobe Series where I display the cute outfits I’m wearing while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Look, there’s really nothing special about this outfit and probably the only thing that makes it “blog worthy” is the fact that I’m wearing it. But I thought I would include it because this is one of my favorite tops EVEN THOUGH I seriously can’t tell if the stripes are black or navy blue. I *think* they’re navy blue but I keep wearing it like it’s black (with black pants and black cardigans) and the thing is, I don’t think anyone else can tell… or cares. So today I decided to wear it with a color that would look nice with either blue or black: this pretty purple cardigan!

Nikki by example |

Top: J Crew Outlet | Cardigan: Old Navy | Jeans: Liverpool via Stitch Fix | Slides: Loft Outlet

I also keep wearing these jeans. It’s supposed to be pretty warm (but windy) today so I should probably change into some shorts or a cute skirt, but these jeans are actually really comfy so I don’t mind. Anyone else wearing their jeans (or tops, etc.) on repeat? 😀