Tonight I’m thankful for the silly little moments I share with my husband. On our way home from the grocery store, we had a hilarious conversation about flatulence. I’m so lucky that Nick has a great sense of humor and that we can laugh over such plain and mundane things.

Some things that we laugh about together:

  • Flatulence. Yes, we’re 10 year olds.
  • Sarcastic jokes
  • Not very pretty babies
  • Me trying to tell a joke, especially corny ones
  • Our dogs. They’re very funny most of the time.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m thankful for laughter. But laughing with someone over special, inside jokes is even better. The cherry on top.

This was taken during the Lykke Li concert. A girl next to us said we were so cute and asked to take a photo of us. We are so cute!