My Neighborhood

This is my street and it’s been home-sweet-home for the past year. We’re slowly getting to know our neighbors and I have to admit that having Mia has helped. We walk her along this sidewalk, which is on the opposite side of the street from our house, 2 – 3 times a day and she loves people so much that when the neighbors are out, she runs up to them and they think she’s just the sweetest thing!  We’re lucky they’re dog people. One neighbor toward the end and her dog, Andrea and Foster, are usually out in the evenings and look forward to their visits with us; Andrea always has treats! There’s also the lady  that has the really nice yard – the grass is lusciously green in the summer, her mulch is perfect and she has beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees – who loves petting Mia in the mornings.  We’ve seen lots of other dogs in the street but we haven’t met all of them yet. Everyone else has been really nice but we’re still getting to know each other and we have plenty of time.