Settle in for a little story.

There are two elevators in my new office building. The building itself is fairly new so the elevators are clean and well-kept. I work on the top floor of a three-floor building and I take the elevators daily. The first few times I rode the elevator car on the right, I noticed that it took slightly longer to get to my floor that you would expect for such a short ride. And when it did get to the floor, it felt like it took a few extra seconds to find the right place to come to a stop. It seemed weird to me but both cars had updated inspections so I didn’t think much of it.

About a week ago, I got into the elevator with another woman who works in the building and I made a comment about how the elevator seems to be slower than I’d expected and, y’all, she told me that SHE GOT STUCK IN THE ELEVATOR CAR ON THE RIGHT FOR 45 MINUTES A FEW MONTHS AGO. A few months ago!

*This is the actual elevator! 

She said something happened with the cables that kept it from lining up properly with the floor so the doors wouldn’t open. WHAT?! And yesterday when I was leaving, I stepped in the elevator after the doors opened and felt it bounce in a way that made me uneasy!

Now, on one hand, I’m afraid of getting stuck in an elevator. It’s a small space with bad lighting and it’s small (hey, it’s worth mentioning twice). But on the other hand, I’m intrigued about what that experience would be like. I’m not saying I’m going to punch the emergency stop button or anything mischievous like that, but I feel like it’s only a matter of time before it happens again… and to me!