Hey, look at me, back with some pictures of the clothes I put on my body!

So, how many of you, like me, have new year’s resolutions to clean up your space and are KonMari-ing? If you have Netflix, you’ve probably seen the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or you’ve at least heard of it. I bought the book a few years ago so I was already familiar with the KonMari method of tidying when the show came out. If you’re not familiar with KonMari, you organize by room instead of my stuff. Then, you take EVERYTHING out of your closet, drawers, etc. and hold each item to determine whether it “sparks joy.” If it does, you keep it, and if it doesn’t, you get rid of it.

The idea of taking every single piece of clothing out of my closet at once is still too daunting, but as I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog, I’ve been taking pieces out a little at a time to ensure my style reflects who I am now, and to help me achieve my goal of living a somewhat minimalist lifestyle. Freshly inspired by Marie Kondo and her show, I’ve taken even MORE pieces out of my closet in the past few weeks and I’m still feeling great about the pieces that remain, as evidenced by the return of my office-bathroom mirror selfies!

Anyway, on to the outfits!

Sweater: Loft | Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: B.P. via Nordstrom | Necklace: J. Crew Factory

I saw this sweater on Loft’s website and HAD TO HAVE IT. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint. I love the neutral colors, and it’s truly so soft and cozy that I want to wear it every day. Also, I hear boot cut jeans are making a comeback so I paired them with the sweater for a nice casual Friday office look. I can tell you that this outfit – or some variation of it – is going to be on heavy rotation for the rest of the winter.

Sweater: J. Crew Factory | Denim: Wit & Wisdom via Trunk Club | Flats: Old Navy | Scarf: gifted

Over the holidays, we had a few freakishly warm days with sunshine and temps in the 70s. This is an outfit I threw together on one of those days to have lunch with a dear friend of mine who was in town to see family for Christmas. Look, oversized sweaters might be in right now, and rightly so because they’re awesome, but a great fitted sweater is where it’s at. For me, at least. I won’t lie, I think I have a great body and I’m not afraid of showing off a few curves and this outfit does that in a classy way. And that’s my jam.

Sweater: Joie via Nordstrom Rack | Pants: Old Navy Pixies | Flats: Old Navy | Necklace: Old Navy

I know there are spirit animals but what about spirit colors? This mauve-y purple would be mine. Its so soft and pretty, and I think it looks really good on me. Purple is my favorite color, hands down, and this shade of it is one of the best. I wasn’t sure exactly what color to call this so when I was searching “mauve” I found this description on Wikipedia and I think it just sounds so pretty: “Mauve contains more grey and more blue than a pale tint of magenta. Many pale wildflowers called “blue” are actually mauve. Mauve is also sometimes described as pale violet.” Beautiful.

Sweater: Market & Spruce via Stitch Fix | Denim: Liverpool via Stitch Fix | Loafers: Target | Necklace: Old Navy

I’m bringing preppy back in this outfit! How cute are these loafers? So far, they’re comfortable AND they were affordable. Anyway, after the warm spell over the holidays, January finally cooled down enough to enjoy this cozy new sweater from Stitch Fix for another casual Friday. I wore this outfit to work and then to the hospital where I had an appointment to receive several CT scans to rule out a condition, fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD), that could be related to the heart attack I had almost two years ago. Surprisingly, they let me wear my sweater during the scans instead of changing into those scratchy, paper-y hospital gowns. The good news is I do not have FMD! Cute outfit and good health. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Happy Friday!