I know, I know.

I can’t believe I just said (typed) those words either, but friends,  I think it might be true: I’m might be falling out of love with Target. At least their women’s clothing & shoes options.

It actually started a while back when they completely stopped carrying my shoe size (5.5). I used to be able to find so many shoes and would spend longer than necessary trying to decide which pair to buy, but now I don’t even look because I know they won’t have anything. I suppose they’re doing me favor considering my knees and ankles have been telling me for a while now that I need to invest in some better quality shoes with good support, and Target’s shoes are not that. It seemed to slowly go downhill from there.

Nikki by example

One of my favorite shirts from Target’s ‘a new day’ line

These days, I don’t have much time (or money) to shop but the few times I have tried stuff on, it just didn’t work for me. Dresses fit weird, pants and shirts are too long, and the shoulders seams don’t line up with my actual shoulders. But, to be fair, I’m short and petite so garments tend to fit weird everywhere I go, unless they’re specific to smaller gals. Tailoring gets expensive so most of the time, I don’t even bother.

Nikki by example

Target maxi that looks awesome, even though I had to hem the shoulders.

Naturally, I’m pretty sad about these latest developments. I was very much looking forward to their new lines and had already purchased a few things that made me feel  pretty  awesome. It hasn’t all been rainbows, though. There was a cardigan I purchased that was less than stellar because once I wore it, I discovered that the cuff of the sleeves stretch out A LOT if I pull them up at all, so I would pull them up around my elbow and they would fall back down immediately. All that pulling and tugging got pretty uncomfortable so I just don’t even wear the cardigan anymore. Sad.

Nikki by example

Still loving this blouse from Who What Wear from Target

When I do find myself in Target (which is most weekends, actually) I’m drawn to the children’s clothing. I do love all of the cute little pants, tops, and jackets for Sebastian! It’s kind of funny how I’ve gone from wanting all the clothes for me to wanting all the clothes for him. He barely even leaves the house most days but I want him to look super dapper at all times. At least I can still count on Target for that.

I haven’t given up hope. I’d like to try on a few more things and see what their spring and summer lines have to offer. Maybe we can salvage our relationship but, at the very least, there’s still all of the other departments I can look forward to (I’m looking at you, home and bath!).

What are your thoughts on all the new changes Target has been implementing recently?