Lola gets. And Lola wants to dance! I must be getting pretty serious about belly dancing because I did it again! I performed with some of the same advanced beginners as last time and my instructor, Andalee, choreographed the cutest little dance to the sexy little song, Whatever Lola Wants by Natacha Atlas.

belly dance

Photo courtesy of DC Dance Photography

Instead of performing at a semi-private hafla like our debut, this time we performed in public at a bar during an event called Undulation Nouveau, which I like to describe as an open-mic night but for belly dancers. At the hafla, our audience consisted of close friends and family to our fellow belly dancers but this event was open to the public so we danced in front of strangers. I was so nervous the entire time I was dancing that my mouth got really dry and I had no choice but to smile because my mouth wasn’t producing any saliva to allow my lips to move over my teeth. TMI, but seriously, I was nervous!

belly dance 2

Photo courtesy of DC Dance Photography

We didn’t have as much time to learn this dance but I think we did really well. Check it out and tell me what you think: