Last Friday, Sebastian turned three years old! He’s turned into such a character and I just love his little personality. He’s sweet, silly, and energetic. He loves to run, which makes playing soccer his favorite. He likes putting together puzzles and reading books. He  has also started embracing his sassy side, becoming more defiant than usual but that’s life with a threenager!

He has wanted a balloon and a “happy party” since February when one of his friends had a cute party on a farWe had originally planned a fun playground birthday party with all of his friends. But with social distancing and the parks being closed, we had to make up for it with a fun day at home. So we surprised him on the morning of his birthday with his own balloon and “happy hat”!

Nikki by example |

Birthday boy!

Then we made a paper crown and decorated it with stickers. We also played lots of games outside with his new bubble machine, and we went for a one-man parade down the street with his balloon tied to his bike.

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Paper birthday crown

The theme of his party was blue because that’s his favorite color.

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Just a few of his birthday celebration items

He loved blowing out the candle!

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Since the family couldn’t physically visit, we held a virtual birthday party so they could sing happy birthday to him and watch him open presents.

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Virtual birthday party

Even though it didn’t go quite as planned, I think we still had a pretty great day.

Happy birthday, Sebastian. I love you!