SUSHI! Tonight I had dinner with another one of my very dearest friends and we ate what we almost always eat: Sushi. It’s definitely one of my favorite meals ever so tonight I’m definitely thankful for sushi :-)\

I learned most of what I know about Sushi from jut eating it and paying attention to menus and poking around online but I also learned some interesting facts from Alton Brown, who I greatly admire and respect when it comes to food. From him I learned that it is thought that sushi was created about a thousand years go by a little old woman who lived in the woods of Japan. She was sitting down to eat a big pot of rice for dinner when she heard some bandits coming. She climbed into a tree and hid her rice in the nest of a large sea bird so the bandits wouldn’t steal it. When she finally went to retrieve her rice, it had partially fermented and had little bits of fish left by the sea bird. She tasted it, decided it was delicious, and that’s how Sushi was came to be! Cute little story, huh?

From the internet I found that what I most like to eat is the Maki sushi or sushi “rolls”, which is what I had for dinner tonight and have pictured below. This is fish, veggies, and whatever else rolled up with rice and nori, or seaweed. There is also Nigiri, which is a small slice of fish served on top of a small rice mound, and there is Sashimi, which is just a small fillet of raw fish (no rice, no seaweed, nothing). All of which I find extremely delicious!

In my photo, the green stuff is seaweed salad, which is really good but always gets stuck in my teeth. The maki sushi rolls are the Spider roll (deep fried softshell crab and spicy mayo) and the NC Sunset Roll (tuna, salmon, and cream cheese). Yummmmm.

So the next time you’re feeling a little hungry and adventurous, you should think about giving sushi a try. It really is delicious. And you can even follow this advice for sushi for beginners.

Bon appetit!