Valentine's Date | NCsquared Life

Goood morning! Today I’m serenading you with the song I’ve had stuck in my head all week: ‘Next in Line’ by Walk the Moon. I discovered it in a playlist made for running because I’m back to training for a 5K in April. I was on the treadmill when I heard it and immediately decided it was my jam. Mostly because I drive a stick shift 😉

 This Weeks’ Top 5:

1. Discovering awesome dive bars. We discovered the coolest dive bar downtown that was tucked away and fairly unknown. The bartenders were extremely knowledgeable and the spirits were delicious.

2. Catching up. I was able to catch up on some assigments, which is a huge relief, and I reorganized my home office so that I can continue to be productive. Wish me luck!

3. Surviving snow driving. Nick and I got stuck driving in a snow storm. That’s a scary thing in NC where we aren’t exactly prepared for winter weather. With my good driving skills, Nick’s awesome wisdom (he guided me the entire time) and a little luck, we made it home safely and only within in hour. I felt so bad for other drivers who got stuck on the interstates for hours.

4. Getting snowed in. After we made it home safely, we were snowed in for a few days.  It was the good kind of snowed in because we didn’t lose power, we had plenty of food, and had no where we had to be. The dogs were miserable though, and wouldn’t go for their walks because they’re big divas.

5.  Ice cream dates. We kept Valentine’s Day very low-key and went out for pad thai, some wine, and finished off with ice cream from our favorite place, The Parlour. They make their ice cream by hand, use local ingredients whenever possible, and rotate seasonal flavors. Photos below!

Photo(s) of the Week:

Valentine's Date | NCsquared Life

I took this photo on our ice cream date. Yummy ice cream, sexy husband. Doesn’t get much better. Below is the photo of the ice cream parlour we love so much.

The Parlour Durham | NCsquared Life