Welcome 2016!


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I have a good feeling about this year. The last few have been somewhat of a transition, as I was in graduate school and everything was basically suspended until I finished school and found a real career. Nick and I both started new jobs recently and we’re settling in quite nicely so I think now is a good time to focus on really making a life we want to live. I’m notorious for making New Year’s Resolutions that only last for a few months tops but this year I’ve had a serious talk with myself and determined that I need to get it together and really be an adult. So, Nick and I are setting four big goals for ourselves to reach in 2016 that are both realistic and much-needed.

  1. Get it together. This one simply means it’s time for me to be a real adult: get out of bed in the morning with enough time to work out, shower, put on makeup, AND make a healthy lunch; actually fold the laundry instead of telling myself they need another round in the dryer (this will also solve the issue of shrunken clothes!); tidy up clutter before it has a chance to take over the dining room table…. you know, adult things like that.
  2. Follow through. How many times have you ran into a friend at the grocery store and, after a lovely chat, made plans to get together for dinner, meet for coffee, etc. and then weeks later you forgot you even saw them that one time at Target? This year, we’re going to start following through with those plans. Whether it’s pulling out my phone and scheduling dinner right then and there, or sending them a reminder email to look at their schedules when they get home, or whatever we have to do, we’re going to make sure we get that dinner/coffee/whatever on the calendar. Think of how much our friendships will strengthen from being placed at the top of the list!
  3. Say yes to new things. I’m taking a cue from Amy Poehler and Shonda Rhimes this year by saying yes to all of the new opportunities that get presented to me. I’ve caught myself on several occasions missing out on great things in life because I’ve been too afraid to say yes for whatever reason. So this will be my year of yes, and I look forward to making it my best year yet.
  4. Finances. For the past few years we’ve tracked our expenses pretty well, but haven’t been able to stick to a budget that will help us hit our goals of knocking out debt while saving up for fun things.  We’re not getting any younger and we’d like to travel more and really build our savings for whatever lies ahead.  We have the means to do so and now’s the time to be responsible and get it done.  

There you have it, the lifestyle changes we’re going to make to live our best lives. I also think I’ll include some blog-specific goals later. I read a really great article recently that highlights how feeling like you’re unable to “pull something off” in style & fashion might actually have a larger impact on the way you view your actual talents and abilities, so I’m going to give it some thought and set some style goals for myself. So I look forward to all that 2016 has to offer!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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