white cardigan, polka dot chambray, black loafters | NCsquared Life

This entire outfit is from Old Navy | Earrings: Target | Necklace: gift

Today I’m linking up with Bri of Work Clothes, I Suppose for her Third-Thursday Thread series. It’s my first link up so go easy on me! This is my first interpretation of menswear. I think it’s because of the cardigan and loafers. And the button-front under the cardigan. What is it about layering button-fronts and loafers that automatically make you think “menswear”? I guess Chambray also says menswear to me because I think of rugged cowboys/ranch hands when I think of chambray.

menswear 3

I mean, these shoes are adorable! Especially with the gold dot details. I can see why both men and women would want to wear them. Hey, I’m all about freedom of gender expression.

menswear shoes

By the way, I’m only slightly embarrassed to realize that this entire outfit is put together of Old Navy pieces. Only slightly.


What do you think of when you think “menswear”?