A little humor for your Monday. I’m in the middle of midterms and realized that this is pretty much how I spend my days:


Some of my MPH books

Those are only three of my books. I have more!


My desk at my home away from home.

Yes, Goldfish. They’re a good snack for late-night studying. I’m not a 4 year old, I promise!


Studying for midterms in one of the cubicles at my home away from home away from home (aka the library).

Water and Red Bull. Gotta have a healthy balance.

So far, the hardest thing about being in grad school in a different town is being away from Nick and the dogs for such long periods of time. I miss them and they miss me. There have been many tears.

But, for the most part, school has been going really well. My adviser says I’m ahead of the curve because I already have ideas about my internship and professional paper/thesis. Next semester I’m looking at taking several online courses so that I only have to be away about 2 days per week. I think I will love being able to spend 5 whole days at home with my family in my town. I just have to make it through the next 8 weeks. I can do this!