We have the most exciting news! As of today, we’re under contract to buy our first home!

We had been discussing houses for a while and, honestly, I never thought we would ever be in a place where we were financially ready to purchase. It was always “some day we’ll have saved up enough for a house”… or “some day when we have our house”… and I really doubted that “some day” even existed! But as it turns out, our “some day” for this journey is 2/21/11!

We knew even before we were officially engaged that we wanted a small, intimate ceremony and reception that took place in our own back yard. The only problem with that is in our current rental, there is no back yard. At least not one big enough and private enough to hold a wedding, even a small and intimate one. And as we looked at other rentals in the areas we liked, nothing seemed to be available that suited our needs. And I was tired of throwing away rent money every month on something that I couldn’t even claim as mine. We realized that the only way we would truly be happy (and be able to hold the wedding of our dreams) was to actually buy a house.

Luckily, a good friend of ours had bought a house just a few months ago. One night last week (I believe it was Thursday) we talked to her about everything pertaining to her house-buying experience and came to the conclusion that it might not be as difficult or as financially taxing as we had originally thought. So, she hooked us up with her Realtors! On Sunday, we met with them and looked at 6 houses. We instantly fell in love with two of them. Later that night, over dinner at Chili’s, we intensely discussed the pros and cons of each house. We could truly see ourselves being happy in either one but, when it came right down to it, we knew which house we wanted for our own.

On Tuesday of this week we braved the icy conditions and looked at both houses again. We saved our favorite for last and spent almost an hour meticulously looking over everything. Yep, this was our house. We wanted it bad! We told our Realtors. Tim and Dani, that we were ready to make an offer. On Thursday night we signed the papers confirming the offer and sent them to the sellers. Friday was longest day of my life! Finally last night we were given a counter offer and decided to accept! This morning, we signed all of the updated paperwork to go under contract.

At this point, we need to complete the loan process with the bank and schedule the inspection. If all goes well, the keys will be in our hands on February 21st and we will officially join the ranks of Home Owners! And then the wedding plans can seriously begin!

Stay tuned, my lovelies, and we’ll keep you updated on the process.

This is almost home sweet home!