Ya’ll, I love Love LOVE Halloween and dressing up. It’s my favorite holiday and, in my opinion, the best time of the year.

Last year was Sebastian’s first Halloween and he actually got to wear two costumes, one at daycare and then a family one. He was a precious little fox by day, and then was Sebastian the Crab in our family Little Mermaid costume. We didn’t trick-or-treat because he was too young and we were too tired from working, but he’s going to be halfway to two years old this year, so I think we’ll have some fun! We haven’t quite decided what we want to do this year but Nick and I are pretty famous for our awesome couple’s costumes, so I wanted to share some of our past costumes and maybe give you some inspiration if you’re also looking for matching/couples/family costumes. Enjoy!

2017: Modern Ariel, Prince Eric, and Sebastian the Crab from The Little Mermaid

Nikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.com

2016: [Pregnant] Wonder Woman

Nikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.com

*I was 5 months pregnant 🙂

2015: Calvin & Hobbes

2014: Pawnee Goddess & Pawnee Rangers from Parks and Recreation

2013: Barden Bella & Barden Treblemaker from Pitch Perfect

2012: R2D2 & C3PO from Star Wars

Which is your favorite? What are you going to be for Halloween this year?