It’s Friday Tie Day again!

Here is Tie #2 that I’m wearing today:


Again, it’s Nick’s tie and he almost didn’t have one to match the shirt. He says he doesn’t wear a lot of pink so I guess it’s to be expected that he might not have anything to match a bright pink shirt. But I did find this one, which is navy blue with tiny lighter blue dots that you can kind of see in the picture. I’m wearing it with dark denim, my sparkly target flats, and an awesome navy blue BR blazer that makes me look and feel like I should be on a boat with all of it’s shiny gold buttons!

After having it on for only 5 minutes this morning I realized that wearing a tie without a vest is a different experience. It just seems to be hanging there and getting in the way when I bend down. I need a clip! Also, it’s a lot easier to see. The vest hid most of the tie the last time but now it’s all in-your-face, which isn’t bad but you definitely have to be comfortable with people saying, “Oh, you’re wearing a tie!” and then maybe raising an eyebrow. I still like wearing it, though.

I think I need to go tie shopping!