Friday Four | NCsquared Life

The lovely Brynn of BrynnAsh has taken me back to my middle school/early high schools days by participating in a weekly survey on her blog. I say this takes me back because I grew up in a time way before social media and email was *THE* way to communicate with friends, so my girlfriends and I would always chain email each other with completed surveys that always asked the same questions and we always gave the same responses but, for some reason, it was the most fun thing ever. (Tweens, amirite?!) So, anyway, I liked her idea and have decided to participate… for old times’ sake, if you will. As she noted in her post, other bloggers have answered all of the questions at once, but I’ll follow her lead and answer one or two each Friday for the next couple of weeks. It feels like a good way to get to know me a little better.

And if you’re not reading Brynn’s blog, then you’re really missing out. Get over there and read it; she’s pretty awesome!

Friday Four | NCsquared Life


So, the first Friday Four question is: Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

Nikki. S0, I know that’s technically by name BUT I often go by my middle name, Nicole, at school and work and there are very few people that ever call me by my first name.  My friends and family have called me Nikki from day one, but it’s not the name on my birth certificate so it counts 😉

Snickerdoodles. This was my high school softball nickname and I loved it. During games, it was often shortened to Snickers (like the candy bar – even though I didn’t eat snicker doodle cookies or snickers candy bars very often) and I even have an old jersey with “SNICKER” across the back.  That nickname went away after high school, though, so it probably doesn’t really count being on this list.

Crewsinator. This is a newer nickname that my friend from my school program calls me. Interestingly, she and I are from the same hometown and went to the same high school, but we’re 5 years apart so we never knew each other back then. We connected in our MPH program and I love this girl; she’s so much like myself that it’s almost scary! Anyway, she calls me Crewsinator as a play on my last name and the terminator because I’m tough as shit. True story.

Mrs. Castillo. I’m including this one because it’s how some of our older family members address letters/cards/etc. to me, even though I didn’t change my last name when Nick and I got married. I don’t know who Nikki Castillo is, but she doesn’t live in my house!

Do you have any cool or fun nicknames that you go by?