It’s time for this week’s Friday Four, a fun survey I’m doing so that my readers can get to know me a little better. This week it’s Four Places I Have Lived. This may get a little boring because I’ve only ever lived in North Carolina, but here goes.

1) Wilkesboro, NC. I was lucky enough to grow up in western North Carolina, surrounded by mountains and beautiful lakes and friendly folks. It’s a small town and I couldn’t wait to get out when I was a teenager, but now I cherish every holiday and weekend trip back to visit family. Even though I will never live there again, it will always be my home.

2) Greenville, NC. Home of the East Carolina Pirates, arrghh! G’Vegas (as the college students lovingly refer to it) is THE quintessential college town. During football season, everything turns purple and gold from restaurants to grocery stores to local businesses. That is one of the things I truly loved and will miss about Greenville. Other than that, I was also happy to leave after undergrad.

3 & 4) The Triangle. I’m lumping 3 & 4 together because they’re basically the same thing, just different cities. I’ve lived all over the Triangle, from Morrisville to Raleigh to my current location in Durham. The Triangle, which gets its name from the Research Triangle Park and its anchor universities (NC State, Duke, and UNC-Chapel Hill, which form a triangle when you connect them on a map), is where my heart is and where I will probably live for the rest of my life. There is so much to do here that it’s the perfect place to live, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Of course, home is where my family is so it doesn’t matter where I live as long as I’m with them!

Home is where the heart is | NCsquared Life

*All photos by me except for the bottom right, which was taken by 2+3 Photography.