Let’s play What’s in my Purse: Nikki Edition.

You know those posts that bloggers do sometimes when they’re giving you a peak into their handbags? I find those posts really interesting, UNLESS they’ve been paid to showcase a product. Yes, I often throw a pack of travel tissues in there, but they’re the off-brand ones from Target not from Kleenex. But I digress.

I should probably confess that I don’t even like purses that much. I’d rather carry a few necessities in a wallet that fits in my pocket like guys do, but 1) I don’t always have pockets because sexist clothes makers don’t always include them in women’s clothes and 2) my necessities don’t always fit neatly in a little wallet. So, alas, I carry a purse. That’s probably why I just end up with a lot of crap in there.

The Bag

Anne Klein (via Belk)

Nikki by example

Nikki by example

I picked this one out for my birthday about a year ago. I liked it because it was a nice neutral color, it has a divider pocket, and it was a really great size for my stuff. I’ve already mentioned that I don’t really like purses but I get very picky about what I’ll carry. This has been one of my favorite bags so far.

The Contents

Nikki by example

It really wasn’t as bad as I thought. Here’s what was in there:

Checkbook: I can’t be the only person who carries a checkbook any more, right?

Feminine hygiene products: Obviously.

Tissues: To blow my nose.

Hand sanitizer(s): Germs are everywhere so it’s important to keep some hand sanitizer on you at all times. Especially after dropping off and picking up the kid from daycare. I love those kids, but damn are they germy! I don’t know why I have two of them, though.

Sugar packet: In case I need it for my coffee?

Napkins: They come in handy for messes.

Nikki by example

Extra medicine stored in a yellow kinder egg: I have to take medicine every day and I really shouldn’t miss a dose, so I keep extra meds in my purse just in case I’m running late in the morning and forget to take them before leaving the house.

Chewing gun: Sometimes I need to freshen my breath, other times it serves as a great grounding technique. I use grounding techniques for when I have a panicked moment. These grounding skills help keep me in the present and are helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety. Chewing gum allows my mind to focus on the taste and chewing sensation instead of the chaos that it wants to create.

Tide To Go stain stick: I can be a messy person. My husband can be even messier. And we have a kid. This thing gets used at least once per day.

Tylenol: For headaches and other pains.

Small travel fan: For when I get hot. But in all honesty, my fan is my go-to grounding technique for my panicked moments. Using this fan lets my mind focus on the air hitting my face instead of the racing thoughts in my brain. It’s the most effective technique I’ve found alongside chewing gum.

Pens: In case I need to write something down.

A bag full of extra pens and random lipstick: Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m a pen and napkin hoarder. I have no idea why but I feel like these are two things that I must have on me at all time. I guess it makes sense to have napkins in case I make a mess (and they come in handy for the kid’s messes) but the pens? I guess it’s just really important for me to write things down the second I have a thought. AND when it comes to paying for a meal and the server only has 2 pens for a group of 6 people.

Nikki by example

Notebook: For when I have ideas or need to jot down notes.

Chap stick and lipsticks: To keep my lips kissable.

Nail file: I hate it when I break a nail and can’t smooth it out. It will drive me nuts all day, so I keep a nail file for just in case.

Headphones: I think this one is pretty obvious, too.

Purse hook: So I can hang my purse from the table or other surface so I don’t have to sit it on a public floor.

Wallet: Obviously.

Not pictured: a bunch of old receipts, the necklace & bracelet I wore to work and decided to remove at some point in the day, some more napkins, and a piece of mail I grabbed on the way in from my car.

Nikki by example

Nikki by example

I’ve heard that a look inside someone’s bag is a look into their life. I’m a nosy person by nature and I want to know how other people live their lives (this is basically why I even read blogs) so if you’re going to show me the nitty gritty of what’s in your bag/life, then dammit, I’m gonna look! But I suppose it’s only fair that if you show me yours then I show you mine. It was time to clean out my purse so I saw a good opportunity to give you a peak of my life. And now that I think about it, it’s true: my life feels as random yet vaguely put together as all of the stuff I just pulled out of my bag.