End of the NCsquared Couch Potatoes

Starting today, Nick and I are getting serious about our health. We’ve tried before by signing up for various races – a 5k here and there – to keep us motivated by giving us a goal to work toward but we soon realized that neither one of us really like running. And when you don’t enjoy an activity, you’re not very likely to stick with it. I prefer strength training activities and workouts that don’t feel like work outs (something like yoga and Zumba), so running just wasn’t going to cut it. Also, getting to the gym (only three miles from our house) just wasn’t happening.

We finally decided to try an at-home workout routine and settled on Focus T25 with Shaun T by Beach Body.

Focus T25 workout | NCsquared Life

source: http://www.trilliumfit.com/programs/focus-t25-training/

Nick has a friend that is a certified trainer with Beach Body and he convinced us to give it a try. What really sold us is that it’s only 25 minutes + a 5-minute stretch/cool down session at the end. We got up this morning at 6:30 and begrudgingly worked through it.  I think it’s going to be a really good work out.  We’re not endorsing it (yet) because we just started and might not see any results, but we’ll let you know how it goes.

We’re also following the Fast Track meal plan. We went to the grocery store and brought home the whole produce department!

End of the NCsquared Couch Potatoes

I’m really excited because everything we got is fresh and clean, nothing processed and I’ve been very into clean eating for a while now but it’s difficult to adhere to when you’re on the road so often, like I am for school. So, we chopped and measured and prepared everything last night. It took us several hours, but it was a little blessing not to have to do it when you’re stumbling out of bed at 6:30 AM.

Nikki’s personal goals:
I don’t have a particular number in mind as far as weight goes. I’m more focused on toning up and feeling better. I want to have more energy, be more positive, and feel more confident. However, I really do want to be able to wear this shirt dress I bought several years ago and only wore a few times before it didn’t fit anymore. I also want to feel confident enough to wear dresses with cute little cut outs and buy some crop tops.
Nick’s personal goals:
My goal is mostly to lose the extra weight I’ve gained around the middle. I don’t need six-pack abs, but I don’t like having such a belly.  I’m also hoping I’ll get some relief in my lower back pain.

We’re going to try to be Intragram and post about our daily meals and workouts, as well as our overall progress.

Has anyone else ever tried an at-home work out like this? How did it go? What are/were your fitness goals?