I’m sure by now you’ve read about my New Year’s Resolution, but if not, it’s okay. I still love you. To fill you in, my 2012 New Year’s Resolution (NYR) is to try at least 6 new things, averaging out to about 1 every two months, or more if I can fit them in.

Tonight, I tried my first new thing: I attended an introduction to pole dance fitness class at Aradia Fitness! And I had a blast. It was a teaser class, meaning you only got a little taste of all the sexy, fun workouts they offer, but it was enough to get me thinking about taking more classes and it was perfect for someone like me who had been wanting to give it a try but was too scared/nervous/hesitant, etc.

There were more women there than I expected, which was nice. We were split into two groups and I walked into a large room with 8 shiny, gold poles spread about the room and bolted to both the floor and the ceiling. There were no large glass mirrors like you would see in a regular gym. And the windows were heavily draped with soft, deep red curtains. The instructor, Dakota, said it was intentional because she didn’t want people to feel self-conscious. Which is a really good idea because I found I was able to concentrate on the moves instead of constantly watching myself.

The poles at Aradia

We started out with a warm up and learning our “sexy walks”. We walked around the perimeter of the room in a line and first, we crossed each leg in front of the other when we took a step. Then, we really put our hips into it by leaning into them with each step. Last, we were to drag our toe on the ground as we brought it around to take a step. Here we were, a group of about 12 diverse women, walking sexy in a big circle… you definitely won’t see that at your regular gym! Then we learned how to “sexy up” and “sexy down”, which is kind of like Elle Wood’s  “bend & snap” (about 1:30 in) only much sexier. After we perfected our walk, we did sexy yoga to help strengthen our cores, which is much like regular yoga, only we added a lot more back arches, chest circles, sexy bicycle kicks, etc.

Finally, we made it to the poles! We learned several moves including how to slide down the pole onto our knees (and then a sexy up), a pole spin, and a fireman spin. At the very end, Dakota turned on some music (ET by Katy Perry) and we combined everything we’d learned into our own little routine. So it’s a official. I’m a pole kitten… kind of 😉

I definitely recommend taking this class, especially if you’re even the least bit curious. The instructors will make you feel comfortable and sexy and you’ll have a ton of fun while getting toned and sexy! I’m definitely glad that I did it.