Happy Monday!

It seems a little early for a Life Lately post but I know I’ve been quiet the past few weeks, so I thought this would be a good way to check in. Life has felt both boring and hectic at the same time this whole month. Do you know what I mean? I’ve been really busy with work and family and life and once the day is over, the only energy I have left is reserved for sitting on the couch, binge watching Queer Eye and eating ice cream from the carton. Even though there was a lot going on, it still felt pretty boring because we were in a survival mode of sorts.



Our house has been in complete disarray for weeks because our new flooring came in and we decided to put it down ourselves. And when I say we, I mean Nick and my dad! But we could only work on it during the weekends, which prolonged the process a little. However, the floors are down and they look great, and doing it ourselves saved us a pretty penny on labor costs. Unfortunately, we had to move a lot of our furniture and stuff into storage for almost a month, so I couldn’t find little things I needed when I needed them. I thought I lost a cosmetics bag full of lipstick but I had inadvertently packed them up in one of the boxes. Luckily, I found those this weekend as we were unpacking.

Nikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.com

Look at that beautiful floor! It’s actually more gray than it looks here in this soft yellow light.

I can’t wait to get everything back in order so that life can go back to normal – and I can show you more of the floors!


Work has been a doozy because the event I had been planning for months finally happened and the weeks leading up to it had me in full on frenzy mode to make sure everything was ready. Since the fall, I was planning an annual breakfast plenary session that my organization hosts where we discuss an emerging topic in adolescent health. This year, we decided to focus on youth HIV prevention and had two amazing speakers present data and tips to a room full of health educators. The event itself was great and it ran so smoothly that I was very proud of myself!

Nikki by example | www.nikkibyexample.com

2019 State of Adolescent Health Forum – organized by me!


Among work and house upgrades, we took a day trip to my hometown to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. We threw her a surprise birthday party, and she was indeed very surprised to see all of us there. It was very sweet and she definitely deserves all the love we showered on her that day. After surviving a pretty rough cold at the beginning of February, we  thought were finally on the mend. However, Sebastian has been dealing with a pesky ear infection, although you would never be able to tell it because this kid is still so full of energy. He turns 2 next week and we’ve definitely hit the challenging-but-rewarding stage of parenting. We’re experiencing tantrums and everything is “mine!” even when it isn’t. But he loves giving kisses and will wake us up with a big smooch on the lips. I love it so much – I would take all the tantrums in the world just to get that sloppy smooches! But more on that later. We’re having an Octonauts themed birthday party for him next weekend and I can’t wait. I’m making a fancy cake with fondant and everything, which is on my 19 in 2019 list, so I can’t wait to give that a try. I’ve never worked with fondant before so wish me luck!

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Enjoying the puddles in his new rain boots

I think that’s it for now.

I hope everything has been going well in your life lately. Also, stay tuned for more March Photo A Day challenge posts, as I’ll be playing catch up soon!