Friends, I’m making some changes. Nothing major, just a few things that will help me the person I actually want to be.

I care about a lot of things in life, and it’s very important to me that I do my part to leave the world a better place for my son and the rest of humanity. I worry about climate change, the environment, animals, food waste, etc., as well as my other social justice causes.

I’ve been very bad about food waste for a long time, and I’m ashamed of it. I really dislike eating leftovers so they sit in the fridge unless Nick gets hungry on the weekends. Cooking is fun but the clean up is so time consuming that I’d rather just dine out. Then I buy lots of vegetables because I know the importance of eating healthy but they sit in the drawer in the fridge until they grow seven kinds of mold. Out of sight, out of mind. And who wouldn’t want to grab some chips or cookies instead of an apple or carrots? Being healthy is hard. Additionally — and this is what I’m most ashamed of — I was so excited to start our little garden and reap the harvest of our hard work AND THEN we barely even ate the produce. Cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes sat rotting on the counter. HOW AWFUL IS THAT?!

Nikki by example |

My calendar gets me…

Food waste is a serious issue in the U.S. and I’m tired of contributing to it. I also want to eat better, live healthier, and save money so I’m making a few changes. And I need your help holding me accountable.

I cleaned out my refrigerator this weekend and moved some things around. The biggest changes were that I put my meats in one of the vegetable drawers; our meals seem to revolve around meat so I’m not likely to forget them. I put fruits and veggies on shelves at eye level so I’ll see them every time I open the fridge and will *hopefully* be more likely to eat them instead of reaching for the chips. I put yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products in the small middle drawer.

Nikki by example |

It might not look that organized but this is *so much* better than it was!

I’m counting on this new setup to keep me motivated to eat all the food in my fridge before buying more or dining out. In a week or so, I’ll check in but I’d love it if you ask me about it in the meantime!