Hey everyone, I’m guest posting over at Work Clothes, I Suppose today while Bri is on her fabulous honeymoon, so be sure to head over there to see what I put together as a potential interview outfit! But since you’re here, I’ll answer this week’s Friday Four, a fun survey I’m doing so that my readers can get to know me a little better.

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This week’s question is four movies I’ve watched more than once. Basically, these are my four favorite movies!

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar: Long and strange name, but extremely funny movie! The movie is about three drag queens (played hilariously by Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo) travel cross-country until their car breaks down, leaving them stranded in a small town. It’s funny and heart-warming and has lines that I still quote to this day. My dog, Chico, is a black chihuahua mix and one of my favorite things to say to him is from the movie, “Little Latin boy in drag, why are you crying?” HI-LA-RIOUS!

Where The Heart Is: Young Natalie Portman and a great story. “A pregnant 17-year-old rebuilds her life after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma” -IMBD. I’ve been meaning to read the book and as soon as have more free time, I will. But I watched the movie in the theater with my best friend and her mom when I was in  middle school. I don’t know what it is about it, but I really love it and every month or so I get a craving to watch it. Good thing I own it on DVD!  “You feel that? That little bom-bom-bom? That’s where the heart is.”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: “When their relationship turns sour, a couple undergoes a procedure to have each other erased from their memories. But it is only through the process of loss that they discover what they had to begin with.” – IMDB. In my humble opinion, this is THE BEST love story ever. It reminds you that you that true love persists through all of the bad times and that makes the good times even more worth it. Meet me in Montauk .

Pitch Perfect: I’m a big fan of Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, and Anna Kendrick. So, when I saw the trailer for Pitch Perfect, I wanted to watch it regardless of whether it was good or bad so I talked Nick into seeing it at the theater with me. As it turned out, WE LOVED IT. Then it came on HBO and we watched it almost every single time it came on. Then we bought it on DVD and made our friends watch it. Turns out, they loved it, too! I bought it for my sister-in-law for her birthday and SHE loved it. My brother (who is VERY critical of movies) really liked it. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s worth it to get Pitch Slapped!

What are your favorite movies?